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All of us at the Huazhong University International Summer and Winter Session invite you to join us in 2022 in a long academic tradition of excellence and innovation. Founded in Huazhong University, under the administration of School of Distance and Continuing Education, our program is the oldest academic summer and winter program in China and continues today to offer a unique opportunity for intellectual exploration and cultural enrichment through the remarkable resources of Huazhong University.

Combining the unique and profound cultural atmosphere of our hundred-year-old renowned university, we offer hundreds of summer and winter courses cover a wide range of subjects, including those in Natural Science, Social Science, Communication and Composition, Humanities, Economics, Fine Arts, and more. Some courses prepare you for advanced studies in science and medicine. Others introduce you to topics like drama, dance management, and finance.

Our high school program offers high school students the opportunity to gain knowledge, confidence and skills to help prepare for college. Students can get prepared by communicating with their senior schoolmates who have studied abroad. Taking regular college courses, seminars, and extra-curricular activities like those provided in foreign universities in advance, can help them get adapted to the strict academic environment and real social life abroad.

As a student at Huazhong University, you will join a vibrant community of motivated students and distinguished faculty as you satisfy your intellectual curiosity, make friends from all around the world, and explore the many facts of Huazhong University and China.

On behalf of the faculty, I sincerely invite you to consider our offerings and to join one of China’s most stimulating academic environments. We believe that you will feel rewarded, refreshed and inspired through this productive summer and winter experience. We look forward to welcoming you here at Huazhong University this summer and winter!