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The university library is made up of three multi-functional libraries. With an area of 53,000 square meters, the library holds a total collection of 5.79 million books, including 4.72 million printed items, 1.02 million electronic books, over 40,000 video materials, 308 network databases, and 20,000 electronic journals. The collections cover 11 disciplines including engineering, medicine, management, science, philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history and agriculture. The library has 40 reading rooms and 4,200 places for readers and uses full open-shelves loan system.

The Ministry of Education, the State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry and the Ministry of Health have set up, in the University library, the Consultation and Inspection Center for Science and Technology Projects of Institutions of Higher Education, the Inspection Station of National Invention Prize for National Defense, and the Inspection and Consultation Center for Medical Science and Technology Project respectively, offering researchers retrieval services including research results inspection and literature retrieval.

The University library is now making efforts to become a world renowned academic library.


There are 10 student canteens in total. East 1, Donghua, East 3 and East 4 are in the east of the campus, and West1, West2, Xihua, West3, West4 canteens and Baihui Garden Restaurant are in the west. The tablewares in the canteens are all strictly sterilized and can be used reliably.


The distribution of the dormitories:
The undergraduates’ dormitories on the main campus are distributed in four districts;
The east districts: the East2 and East5 Dormitories;
The south districts: the South1, South2 and South3 Dormitories;
The west district: the district is the largest one ion the main campus. There are West 1 to West 13 Dormitories and West 16 Dormitory, No5 and 6 Teacher’s Dormitory, all of which are dormitories for undergraduates;
Yuyuan Apartment Buildings: there are 12 apartment buildings for students;
Dormitories on the Tongji Campus: the apartment buildings are very new, with 6 students sharing one apartment;
Qinyuan Apartment Buildings: at present, the postgraduates of the main campus live mainly in the Qinyuan Apartment Buildings;
Overseas Students’ Building: more than 340 students coming from over 40 countries live in the Overseas Students’ Building.


Both on the main campus and the Yuyuan there are hospitals, which are not very large but can fulfill students’ need basically. The university hospital can be your first choice if having small operation or being hospitalized; you can also go to the army’s general hospital not far from the university to see a doctor or accept medical treatments if there is serious illness.

In the Tongji Medical College, there are three affiliated hospitals: Tongji Hospital, Union Hospital and Liyuan Hospital, among which the Tongji Hospital and Union Hospital are the best ones in the south central China.


HUST invest heavily in sporting facilities, ensuring that students have opportunities to take part in the sport that interests them. These facilities provide access to various sports ranging from football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, billiard to swimming, martial arts, Sanshou and Taekwondo. A multitude of gyms and fitness centers also cater for various activities.

The Optics Valley Gymnasium, as a landmark of Optics Valley, is a key national investment and one of the ten key projects listed in the tenth Five-Year-Plan of Wuhan. This gymnasium offers 22,770 square meters for students’ fitness and entertainment activities.