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Summer 2022 FIN 413 Fixed Income Investment 4 cr.
Class Session Time Syllabus
1 5-week summer Mon - Fri FIN-413


The term “fixed-income” was used to describe securities such as Treasury or corporate- issued bonds that promised to pay periodic payments of a fixed amount. Fixed income securities are financial claims and a type of debt instrument, issued by governments, corporations, and other entities to finance their operations, that provides returns in the form of regular or fixed interest payments and principal repayments when the security reaches maturity.
In this course, several important topics in fixed income will be included, that is, pricing of bonds, measuring yields, bond price volatility, factors affecting bond yields and the term structure of interest rates, treasury and federal agency securities, corporate debt instruments, asset-backed securities, credit risk modeling. In addition, this course will introduce bond portfolio management strategies and construction, and liability driven strategies.