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Summer 2022 ME 215 Mechanics of Materials 4 cr.
Class Session Time Syllabus
1 5-week summer Mon - Fri ME-215


This course is a combination of Statics and Mechanics of Materials I & II. It aims to help students develop an understanding of solid mechanics and the ability to analyze engineering problems in a simple and logical manner. We will introduce the fundamentals of statics using vector analysis and concepts of engineering, based on forces in equilibrium and the concepts of stress and strain. Topics include stress analysis, materials’ behavior, constitutive relationship, Hookes law, stress concentration, St. Venant principle, transformation equations, and Mohr’s circle; also axially loaded members, torsion, change of length, angle of twist, transmission of power by shafts, and statically indeterminate structures. Other important topics include bending, shear and moment diagrams; flexure formula; differential equation of deflection curve, method of superposition, and Castigliano’s theorem.


MATH 201 Calculus II and PHYS 201 General Physics II.