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Term Subject Catalog # Title Credits / Units
Summer 2022 MKT 335 Marketing Research 4 cr.
Class Session Time Syllabus
1 5-week Summer Mon-Fri MKT-335


This course is designed to introduce students the basic principles and practical approaches involved in the actual marketing research. Students will examine the research process, problem definition, marketing research designs, qualitative methods, survey methods, experiments, measurement & questionnaire design, data collection and fundamental techniques for data analysis, as well as hands-on experience with computer application data analysis. Students are expected to develop ability of addressing business management and marketing research problems from an analyst’s perspective and meanwhile to understand how to design a marketing research for the purpose of supporting business decision making. This course will also provide the student with substantial experience in developing critical analysis and math or statistics skills.


MKT 201 and STAT 211 or equivalent marketing and statistics courses.