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Summer 2022 PHIL 248 Ancient Philosophy 4 cr.
Class Session Time Syllabus
1 5-week summer Mon - Fri PHIL-248


This course aims to understand the ancient Greek philosophy with focus on the exploration of most influential philosophical literature in the history of human thought. In the first week, we will begin with the discussion on Pre-Socratic thinkers. Then in the following three weeks, we will proceed to a critical study to selected dialogues of Plato and selections from the major surviving works of Plato's best student, Aristotle. In the last week, we will concentrate on Post- Socratics and its influence on Medieval philosophy. Some of the major doctrines of the Stoics, Epicureans and Skeptics and the Neoplatonist Plotinus will be introduced in this week. In-class discussion and pre-reading assigned philosophical literature before each class is required in this course.